Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greetings to all...........After a time of silence and rest and thoughtful contemplation.........I'm back

 Greetings first to my signed on followers....and to all those that pop in from time to time.  I see despite my absence, my stats show I am 5 short of reaching 1000 views, and I was wondering is this a good thing?  So I ask my mentors, who are by far more advanced Bloggers than I; could this be a milestone?
    I want to express my gratefulness toward those that are 'followers', those that have signed on and their profile pictures are on display, for staying faithful and still 'followers', it means much to me, and reveals that you are not "fly by night" sort of 'friends'.  I have through the weeks 'peeked' into your blogs to see how your blogging has been going, but have not made any comments......just wanted to make sure you were all still present.
   Boy.... starting up writing again seems strange, almost as 'if' I have to start all over again, and get, as Hercule Poirot states: "the little gray cells" charged up and producing again. But, as it has been mentioned, "the more one practices the better it shall get." So on with the show, or the writing!
   I may even change the 'design' format of my blog.......make it more like my 'personality' and get more creative, make it more colorful, more desirable to the eye. 
   I think I may know what you're thinking, and I hope I'm not being 'presumptuous' for I have not communicated with any of you, with the exception of Klahanie, and Penny, "the modest internet star",  how am I?  Well....... I must tell you, I am for the most part quite at peace within my soul, and mind, I still do not have much of a social life, and I'm still quite isolated, but without the anxiousness that can accompany that 'loneliness' feeling.  Actually I am at 'one' with myself and my personal circumstances, which is seeing some financial relief, I have picked up another client, more on that at another time. 
    I do think, that this is long enough, for we all know how I have the gift of extending my 'gabbish' blog to exaggerated proportions........lol......you know of what I speak? Right?
    So....I must say I am glad to be back, and begin being faithful to ALL of my dear faithful followers, and get reacquainted with what is presently going on in their lives, and their creative writing minds!
    I sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, so let's talk, let us write and make one another laugh, cry, rejoice, feel sad, inspired, encouraging, and most importantly loving one another in this terribly sick world.  Ok, enough already!!!!!

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