Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello everyone, my life is going through dramatic changes that are for the..... GOOD!

This is a short entry to inform my followers and readers, the reason I'm not being very attentive to my faithful signed up followers, and random readers from around the world. My life is changing very quickly.  I apologize to those who have commented on my last entry, I feel sort of a pressured guilt which inevitably causes me anxiety, because I'm not being attentive enough, which leads to a panic.
     I'm not being shallow, my life is going through drastic career changes....and it is all for the good.  I need a couple of weeks before a regular routine schedule will be maintained, then I must get back onto the bandwagon of a 'organized' routine.  I've always been very efficient in my 'commitments' and well disciplined in responding to people's responses.  But, during the past nine months of deep emotional distresses.... facing realities which inadvertently brought about much needed healing.....has created a major 'interruption' in my well organized patterned life, and that I must confess is most unsettling, for it makes me feel as if I must start all over again.
     Another point I would like mention is that for some strange reason, I feel my writing style is going to experience a change, and that I find very's as if I'm not recognizing who I am, per-chance that could mean my 'old' recognizable self is under reconstruction, but.... I'm not going to be anxious concerning this.  It could only mean that "I am putting off childish things", along with, reactions, could say old established habits.     Anyway it's all good, don't you think?
     So...... you could say I'm begging your patience with me, and know I'm not ignoring anyone, I just need time to re-organize my time with the utmost efficiency and get back on track in a new 'reconstructed life cycle'.
     That's it for now folks..........later!
Posted by The Manic Chef